Ivy and Bat Signature Collection Roll-on Perfume

Ivy and Bat Signature Collection Roll-on Perfume

  • $7.50

The Ivy and Bat signature line is a very special hand crafted bath and beauty collection featuring a proprietary blend that brings to mind the feeling of late summer thunderstorms and crisp, earthy Autumn woods mingled with English Ivy and just a touch of the last summer roses in the garden.

This concentrated perfume oil is packaged in a glass roll on style bottle and is 9ml (0.3oz) by volume. It is hand blended from natural and synthetic fragrances. I use a clean Safflower carrier oil and all of my fragrances are Phthalate-Free. All of my fragrance oils comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards.

This is a very limited edition. I only make a small amount of bottles at any one time to maintain a high level of scent retention and a longer shelf life for my customers. Ivy and Bat is cruelty free. I never test on animals and I avoid preservatives whenever possible. Keep your fragrances and perfumes away from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature to prolong the life of your scents.

*Some fragrance oils can cause allergic reaction in a small number of individuals. Please test for your own skin type before using liberally. I suggest a dab on the inner elbow or on your wrist directly above a prominent vein. Wait 30 minutes to gauge for any reaction. 

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